All are welcome to attend our weekly service as well as vespers and other religious events


All inquiries regarding arranging a baptism, wedding or receiving any of the sacraments are to be 
directed to William Simpson




Baptism & Christmation
the first is baptism which is the Christian rite of initiation in the Church. Chrismation is the second sacrament which bestows upon us the Holy Spirit.

Holy Communion & Confession
is the sacrament of receiving the resurrected body and blood of Jesus Christ. Although all Orthodox Christians are to confess their sins daily to God privately, all are encouraged to participate in the sacrament of Confession with a priest.

is a sacrament of the Church for it is Christ himself through the priest or bishop that joins the couple together.

Holy Oil (Unction)
which the faithful are anointed with for the healing of soul and body and for the forgiveness of sins.

Funerals/In Memoriam